Our method of operation


Pacemakers provide support with the definition of clear and traceable goals as the basis for your development process.

Diagnostic phase

Based on your goals we connect with your employees and your organisation. The methods we use include interviews, surveys, workshops and culture analysis. You gain an external perspective and we show you concrete development potential.

Development phase

The foundation for your sustained success. Through our inspiring impulse we foster fresh ideas and work jointly on stable innovative solutions.  We inspire and activate your organisation with methods like: strategy workshops, innovation trips, future labs, coaching, to name a few

Realisation phase

The aim at this phase is to establish the development steps which have been developed to be sustain for your organisation. According to your requirements  our management resources can be exploited to accompany your managers and employees towards the realisation of the  perspective project. Alternatively, we can  take responsibility for the implementation of projects which are part  a clearly defined management contract for a limited period of time.

Evaluation phase

Together we look back at the process, analyse, reflect and learn for the next step in your development process.


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