Leading and inspiring with personality

„Personality has the power to open many doors, but character must keep them open." (unknown)

As effective executive manager you inspire and move your employees through your personality and professional leadership work. You follow your goals enthusiastically without losing track of the people with whom you want to reach your goals. You know your strengths and are ambitious to continually work on your personal growth.  

Pacemakers support potential, newly appointed and experienced executive managers with their personal development. The focus is on the professional mastery of leadership tasks, as well as the identification of your authentic leadership style, and applying it according to the specific situation.

You benefit from

  • Knowing various leadership roles.
  • Identifying your personal leadership style and applying it effectively.
  • Experiencing your own potential as basis for your development.
  • Successfully managing expectations on your leadership role.
  • Applying various leadership tools suitable to different situations.
  • Integrating coaching methods in your daily leadership routine.
  • Becoming aware of and promoting the potential of your employees.

How to benefit

We are pleased to organize the leadership training "Leading and inspiring with personality" to develop your manager's excellence customized for your organisation. Please contact us to get further information! 

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