Retain leadership strength in unknown territory

„The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible." (Arthur C. Clarke)

Leadership is peak performance. In most of the cases it can be compared to the requirements placed on top athletes. Executive managers are in the center of everyone’s awareness and thus constantly have to cope with high pressure. In difficult situations it is particularly important to develop a “flow” in the team, to combine all powers and energies in order to keep your goals on track. By doing this you manage to make the impossible happen.

Together we increase your awareness and experience regarding the requirements of ”leading in unknown territory“. In the process we work out the suitable leadership tools and necessary soft skills on the basis of extreme examples. We learn from top athletes and establish useful analogies.

You benefit from

  • Experiencing and reflecting your role as executive manager in unknown territory.
  • Applying leadership tools consciously.
  • Creating an atmosphere where change is possible.
  • Using the power of vision and goals for your sustainable success.
  • Learning how to cope with pressure and ups and downs.
  • Applying methods of self management respectively.
  • Benefiting from the exchange of experience with others.

How to benefit

We are pleased to organize the leadership training "Retain leadership strength in unknown territory" to develop your manager's excellence customized for your organisation. Please contact us to get further information! 

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