Happiness and anger - fear and enthusiasm

„Your intellect may be confused but your emotions will never lie to you." (Roger Ebert)

Emotions are a gift. Emotions belong to your leadership style and are most heightened in difficult situations. The right handling of these emotions and using the energy resulting from them for effective leadership work are key elements for your company success.

Together we identify situations with high emotional potential and share personal perspectives which are specific to the context of your company. Hence, we show a goal-oriented handling of this precious resource.

You benefit from

  • Emotionally charging your goals / experiencing the power of goals. 
  • Knowing the possibilities and limits of employee motivation.
  • Applying the energy resulting from conflicts precisely and effectively.
  • Coping successfully with difficult communication situations.
  • Being able to adapt to various personalities.
  • Using resistance effectively.
  • Coping with your own emotions and those of others in change processes.

How to benefit

We are pleased to organize the leadership training "Happiness and anger, fear and enthusiasm" to develop your manager's excellence customized for your organisation. Please contact us to get further information! 

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