Igniting the passion for change

„The one and only constant in business is change.“  (frequently quoted)

As effective executive manager you represent an important success factor for each change process. You are role model and sign post for your employees and have to constantly guide them through the different phases of change into an insecure future.  

Together we make the phases and the resulting challenges of change transperant and make you understand how you can successfully deal with them. We put an emphasis on the combination of soft skills and tools in order to lead change process successfully.

You benefit from

  • Becoming aware of changes and how to successfully deal with them.
  • Knowing situations and different types of changes in your organisation.
  • Designing change processes effectively.
  • Identifying and using critical success factors.
  • Becoming aware of the role and tasks of executive managers.
  • Coping with your own emotions and those of others in change processes. 
  • Using resistance in change processes and transforming it into positive energy.

How to benefit

We are pleased to organize the leadership training "Igniting the passion for change" to develop your manager's excellence customized for your organisation. Please contact us to get further information! 

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