„If you know your enemy and yourself you do not need to fear the end of 100 battles.“ (Sun Tsu)

Strategy is more than simply having a plan for the future. To follow a successful strategy means knowing yourself and your environment and acting upon this knowledge to emerge as the winner of any situation without having to fight, – no matter what comes.  

Strategy gives you and your employees identity, direction, security  and self confidence to realise your goals and to benefit others. We support you in developing and implementing a powerful strategy to ensure  your sustained success.

Pacemakers support you to develop and implement your success strategy. Together with your team we apply customised strategy tools and work with methods like Strategy fitness check, Future lab, Vision work, etc.

You benefit from

  • Defining your position and develop a strong identity.
  • Developing your vision and mission.
  • Realising your company and business line strategy.
  • Deriving your unique market position.

Get to know our case studies of successful strategy development projects.



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